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Metal Machining Specialists

Ladner Harbour Machine Shop (LHMS) offers machining services for their customers all across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Also known as subtractive manufacturing, machining is the process of shaping metal to a desired shape by removing material from a larger piece of material. Precision must be exact in order to allow for proper function and durability of a given manufactured part. We work with mechanics, installers and millwrights all over BC seamlessly as if we were in an in-house machine shop for our clients, providing quick, precise turnarounds for breakdown and inventory components.

LHMS uses the highest in quality machine tools to ensure accuracy when turning, milling, and drilling. Our goal is to help increase efficiency of metals while ensuring the proper usage of raw materials.

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How Machining Improves Your Bottom Line

Machining is a vital process when is comes to keeping manufacturing companies competitive. With our modern machining capabilities we are able to assist in giving you the advantage.

  • Higher Volume Accuracy
  • Increased Reliability
  • Decreased Man Hours
  • Increase Profit while Reducing Effort
  • Precisely Produce Identical Products
  • Increase Efficiency & Accuracy
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